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How To Plan A Wedding - Your Wedding Cake

Choosing your pastry maker and cake

As for any item, you should first get an idea of what kind of cake you’d like, then meet with several bakers.

At the store, describe your pastry maker what you want, and discuss what he can possibly do.

Ask him to show you a book of his past creations. These may give you ideas and will allow you to see whether you like his kind of design.

Also, for as good-looking as they may be, wedding cakes tend to have a very average reputation in terms of taste. You want your guests to enjoy this sweet moment, and remember how different it was from the other weddings they’ve been to. Thefeore, ask to taste the cakes when visiting your pastry maker (did I mention you would enjoy your planning?)

Ask preservation conditions (temperature, etc... during the reception). Check these are compatible with your venue’s technical characteristics.

Make sure to ask for the all inclusive price (layers, decorations, wedding cake stands...)

A few tips

If you are having an outside wedding, beware that some contents (mousse fillings, creamy toppings...) can melt very quickly at sunshine, and should therefore be avoided.

At the reception, set-up your cake on a place where people will see it. Best options could be at the entrance of the venue or near the main table where you’ll be sitting.

Check with the venue about how to turn off the light and using candles on the table for the “cake cutting ritual”...

(Continued in the book...)



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